Follow your Travel Footprints with Travelmapperapp in places that you have been, keep track of countries visited, states been in every country, and cities you want to go.


Customise your scratch map marking places been,  trip dates, and collect flags for unique destinations visited.  Plan future trips with a bucket list travel map and our travel visa checker to see what type of visa you need and how long you can stay in each country. 

Travelmapper - Map your Travels

Travelmapper - Travel Maps, Travel Tracker and Planner App
Travelmapper Flags Pin Travel Map

Pin Map of Places Been


Pin the cities been or tag your favourite places to visit on a push pin travel map of the world. When you mark a place on the map we will automatically tag the country and state, populating all your travel maps for you! See a detailed travel list of each country visited, with the cities been and also the states you have travelled to.

Travelmapper World Map

Scratch Map of Countries Visited

Follow the footprints of your travels with our global and personalised scratch travel map tracker and planner. Style and customise your scratch map of the world marking all countries visited, lived, or on your bucket list, enter dates visited and see visa travel information for your passport.

Travelmapper USA Map

Country States Map


Track the states you have been in your favourite countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, and France, with our regional and state travel maps. Scratch off places been and collect the unique flags for each part of the country visited.

Travelmapper Passport Visa Map

Visa Travel Map - Visa Checker

Plan your next vacation with our visa-free travel maps and country lists, quickly check visa information such as if you need an e-Visa or can get a visa on arrival? How many days could you stay? With our visa checker you can check this for all countries on your bucket list.

States I've Been Country Scratch Map
Visa Travel Map of the World for my passport

Continent Trip Tracker Map

Track your travels in a specific part of the world with a concise and detailed countries visited map of all continents and sub-continents of the world. A perfect travel tracker for those going on a euro trip or gap year such as in Europe, South America or South East Asia.

Travelmapper Travel Statistics Charts Countries States Visited

Travel Statistics


See your lifetime travel progress of all the places you have been in your travels around the world. Your travel statistics are presented as easily readable charts with all the flags collected from countries, states, and cities you have travelled.

Pin Travel Map of Europe
List of Places Been Worldwide
States Travelled in the USA
Customise your Scratch Travel Map
Europe Trip Tracker
US States Been Travel Map